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Life story
July 28, 1985
Born in Canada Toronto on July 28, 1985.
July 15, 2006
Passed away on July 15, 2006 at the age of 20.
August 27, 2006

Tim's Life Story....I don't think that if everyone said everything that they ever knew about Tim that it would be enough to call his Life Story....He had too much life in him and love to give for anyone to ever encompass  the full truth about who he was.  I was so lucky for God to give me Tim for a brother.  For those of you who don't know I am the oldest, born three years before Tim, then Chris our baby brother was born three years after Tim.


Tim's life was always about biking.  For about ten years now that's all that he has worked for and strived towards.  Many times I tried to talk him into thinking about another future for himself in case something didn't work out with bmxing.  But somehow it always did work for Tim and I am so thankful that it did.  Tim truly lived his dream until the day that he died.  He would have picked biking over anything including, eating, going out, friends, girlfriends, etc.  That's just who he was and we were never stupid enough to challenge him on that because we knew just how much it meant to him.  He could talk about it for hours on end but of course only with certain people as involved as he. 


Tim also loved his car....97' Honda Civic Coupe 2 Door, red.  He was so proud of that car and used to think that it was his own race car.  I would be able to hear it coming from about two blocks away.  And he would always do something special with it right in front of the house, a little peel out or coming around the turn so fast that you thought he was going to spin out.  He got himself into troube numerous times with that car, including trying to pull over an undercover cop with his fake siren...things like that I will remember for always and always hold the memory of him telling me what it was like and how his heart started beating so fast when he heard sirens behind him.  Tim was never afraid of anything.


In 2003 my life changed dramatically with the birth of my daughter, Adriana, on September 7th.  It was a Sunday and my brother went to Track 2000 to race as usual before coming to see me at the hospital when visiting hours started.  When they came into the room I remember feeling so proud of Adriana and ready to show her off to anybody.  They each took a turn holding her for the first time but when Tim had her she begain to cry and he got so nervous that he gave her right back to me.  Well a couple of months later Tim became her Godfather in the eyes of God.  That day is one that has not left my mind since Tim's accident.  I remember he kept on asking me, "Jess, can I hold her now?" or "Where should I be standing?"  I am so proud to be able to tell my daughter the kind of Godfather that she had and will always have.  I know that Tim will be watching over her forever, to make sure that she is safe.  Tim also gave Adriana her first tricycle (to nobody's surprise) for her first birthday.  On her second birthday he also gave her her first bike complete with training wheels and of course taught her how to ride it.  Everytime I see her on that bike it just brings tears to my eyes because I remember like it was just yesterday watching him take her to the school across the street and teaching her how to pedal.  Tim you never taught her how to use the brakes though!


We also had some good times playing Monopoly at our house.  Tim, Lyndsey, Jay and I would get out the bottles and play for was so much fun and I will miss it forever.  Sometimes we would all have brutal headaches the next morning but Tim would always be the one to say "You guys are a bunch of sucks!" We knew that he was hurting too but he would never have admitted it.


September 11, 2006

I can't believe that its coming up to two months that you have been gone Tim.  It hurts so much but the days seem to go by whether you want them to or not.  At least that's how I feel.  I can't really say that my life sucks because I have a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way, I just miss you so much.  Not a day or hour for that matter that I don't think about you or stop and remember something that you said or did to me.  I think that maybe now some memories are coming back to me.  I think everything left my mind when everything happened because it was such a huge shock.  Now I am finally able to remember things that we did, or we will drive by somewhere and I will just get a flashback of us being there.  There are so many memories that I want to share but when I want to talk about them they disapear from my mind. 


You were so prooud of Chris, because he is going to school to become a cop.  I remember you teasing him saying that you would need his badge number to get you out of trouble.  I wish that you were here to get into trouble and have to get yourself out of it!


You had so many plans and dreams, everyone says that you died building your dream but I know how much bigger your dreams really were.  When you wanted to move to Austrailia, I was so upset and told everyone that I could not believe that you were going to move to Austrailia and be so far away, even if it was only for a couple of months....I just couldn't stand not being able to call you or run into you at Dad's or you calling to say you were going to drop by.  Now Austrailia does not sound so bad...I wish you were there, alive and well and riding your heart out!


But I guess there is no point in wishing for something that can never come true.


I really wish that you could've been here to see the way that people are coming together for you.  It really would've made you proud to see it.  It's jsut too bad that some of it came a little too late.


I hope that you rest in peace my brother and I will see you one day again...


September 27, 2006

I found this poem today....

Rest in peace my brother you did not die in vain
Rest in peace my brother though we do not all know each other we all share a common pain
Rest in peace my brother the world will miss you so
Rest in peace my brother we will allways keep your memory alive
Rest in peace my brother and do not worry we will finish the mision with you in our hearts.
Rest in peace my brother we will carry you in our hearts for the rest of our lives
Rest in peace now brother for you will not be forgotten