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Mom - Zira Beautiful Memorial November 12, 2006

Living without seeing Timmy has gotten harder and harder to cope for me, I may seem alright to everyone but inside my heart is ripping apart every single moment, everything reminds me of my Timmy, I never imagined my life could be as devastating as it is now.   Jessica I wanted to let you know that I love this memorial, it shows how much you truly LOVE your brother,  please always remember that YOU were his favourite sister in the whole world, I'm not just saying that because you were the only one, but you really were a very special sister to Tim and I believe you are just as special to Chris.  I could not have asked for 3 better children in this world, the 3 of you have always filled my world with Joy and Happiness, lots of worries, normal stuff that parents and children go thorugh, but you  were the best 3 children I could have ever hoped for... and I thank you for that,  Chris I hope you know how very proud  I am of you that you are going to College to be what you want in life.  Jessica & Christopher please always help each other and stick by each other, no matter what life brings your way and think of our Timmy as our Special Angel in Heaven guiding and helping us everyday.  I know you both miss him so much and if we always help each other it might be just a little bit easier to cope of pain.  I love you both more than you can imagine.  You both are all I have left and truly love!  Have a good week with Jason and my little princess Adriana.  I love you ALL!

Mom - Zira Burning 4ever 4Tim! October 31, 2006

Chery Mills Wish I could turn back the hands of time September 29, 2006

Timmy, I wish I could turn back the hands of time and just have you come over for a visit.  Just to see your beautiful smile and be able to talk to you.  The first thing I would do is give you a big hug and tell you how much I care for you.  I would tell you how proud I am of you and so very thankful  for all you have done for me.  The other night Michael told me that he truly misses you and that he will never have another friend that means so much to him.  He reminisced for some time with a tear in his eye, but also a smile; a smile that you put there with such everlasting memories.  I told Michael that even though you left this earth way too young, I told him that he is so very lucky to have such a wonderful friend and that you would both be the best of friends forever.  Michael is looking forward to coming over this weekend and doing up a page 'in memory'.  I know that you are at peace and have the biggest smile on your face when you see someone riding your track.  You accomplished so much in so many short years.  Your family and friends made sure that your track was completed, and it was done with such love and compassion.

Love forever, Cheryl xxx

Mom - Zira "Celebration of Life" September 23, 2006



This poem was found by my friend MANNY MARQUES on (September 22, 2006)

"It’s been over two months,
Since you’ve left us here,
With memories and thoughts,
That we hold so dear.
You left so suddenly,
And the shock was immense.
Your parting from us,
seemed to make no sense.
But we fought back the hurt,
That cut like a knife.
And decided, as a family,
to celebrate your life.
You lived each day,
With joy and pleasure,
Your outlook on life,
we’ll always treasure."

Michy Im Here For You! September 12, 2006



I often visit this absolutely beautiful web page you put together to share all the memories of Tim to everyone.

Reading how you feel about the loss of Tim, breaks my heart, I know I don't feel the pain you do but I understand! 

I know you are hurting more than words can say but I know how deep this is and it breaks my heart, I wish I could endure your pain and make it all go away so so so much but reality is, I can't.

What I can do, is be here for you forever and ever, my shoulder you can ALWAYS lean on.

Please Chris, Dad and Mom I mean no ignorance not to include you in what I was saying to Jessica, I know you all are suffering in different ways and on different days.  If there is any comfort to you 3, I Love Jessica like a Sister and will never turn my back on her, I will help her through this and anything else she needs.

Jessica, I Love You!  Please smile, Tim will smile with you!!!!!!!!

Mom - Zira A poem for you Tim September 6, 2006

In a quiet country cemetery,
Where the gentle breezes blow,
Lies my son I love so dearly;
He died a while ago.
His resting place I visit,
Placing flowers there with care,
But no one knows my heartache,
When I turn to leave them there.
Though his smile is gone forever,
And his hands I cannot touch,
Still I have so many memories
Of the son I loved so much.
His memory is my keepsake,
With which I will never part.
God has him in His keeping;
I have him in my heart.

~Author Unknown~

Nicky Pearson Missing you August 30, 2006

I am having one of those bad days, I feel the need to see your smile.  Your photos are all over my house, in my car and in my wallet - why does this still hurt so much? 


It still hurts so much because you were like one of my own - you were my oldest BMX son, you made my life fuller.  I just spent some time with your dad and brother and we got to chat a bit - it had been hard for me to talk with them because I am still trying so hard to deal with your passing - but your dad helped me more than he will ever know.  And I was so very proud of Chris, he did so well this weekend in BC, we all know you were there racing with us Timmy, we saw the dragonfly!


I still think you are going to come through those track gates, I love you so much, you were so special to me - and it hurts so bad.  Until we meet again my very special friend.


I love you Tim.



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