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Cheryl Mills
Life is a precious gift given to us -- and for that we must live each and every day to it's fullest.  We should not live in the past, nor in the future, but, in the present.  Tell your loved ones that you love them, live well, love well, and don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  Nothing is more important than your own sense of happiness and inner peace and that of your loved ones.
Timmy always lived life to it's fullest!  He loved his family and friends, he did what made him happy, and he lived in the present.  Yes, Timmy left us way too soon, but I feel that he led a very full, happy life!  He enjoyed each step along life's way and lived his life full of love!
I know that Timmy is around the people that he cares for.  Many of us have experienced his presence.  I don't go many places without my dragonfly brooche....
We all miss Timmy so much...but what an absolutely wonderful feeling to know that he lived life with much love and enthusiasum; and left us all with wonderful memories.
His legacy lives on!

One memory that sticks out so clearly to me about Tim is a plain bagel toasted with tomato and chedar cheese...While at Timmies one day Tim suggested that i try it, now i did not like tomatos at all but i liked Tim (lol) so i ordered and while waiting for it to be prepared i kept telling myself "you have to eat it and show you like it" thinking i would impress Tim. So i sat down and took a bite and I loved it and Tim looked at me with that huge smile and said "I told you so" and to this day i get that every time i go to Tim Horton's. Just to add, in the winter time Tim would throw my friend and I in the snow and made sure we would return to Carmel with red faces wet hair and wet school!  

During the month of February I had the oppertunity to work at my old elementry school, which is also Tim's old elementry school and when i walked in memories of Tim flooded my mind his graduation picture still hangs on the wall...As i was working with a grade 8 student I opened the text book and written on the frst page was "Tim Daslilva" in black pen it literally gave me goose bump, and after I saw that i knew that Tim was in that school somewhere. 

I just thought that I would share this to remind everyone that those who have gone are still around and they have their own way of showing their presence even if you can't always see it.

My prayers and thoughts are still with the Dasilva family and those that love Tim!

ashley pereira
yesturday night i was doing homework and i had some poetry homework, i had to write a free verse poem. meaning write about anything you want, no rules just write. so here is the poem i wrote. i hope you like it...

i got home one day not knowing what to do or say
she called and said he was hurt
then to hear "he's dead, he's gone"
at that moment i wanted to scream
tears streamed down my face like a waterfall
i couldn't believe it, what a nightmare it felt
i wanted someone the wake me up
next thing i know i'm at a funeral, crying infront of a casket
seeing someone who felt so cold, and looking so different
now i'm at a cemetery, bike lined up and i'm walking to where
he'll be layed in the ground
"riders ready, watch the gate" "go tim go "
he won, he made it to his destination, heaven
angels greeted him, he got his wings
now he's watching over us, keeping us safe
don't cry, smile
think of all the fun times we shared
we will be together again, as one big family
he will always be in my heart and by my side
he will ride in peace forever...

it's hard knowing that tim will never be at my cousins house when i got for a get together or something like's tough knowing i won't see him ever again until it's my time to go...tim was an amazing person, and i know that everyone has there time, but tim was just starting his dream. he was such a good person and for him to be taken away from us at the age of 20 is something i will never understand..i will always remember the last day i say tim and i will cherish all the memories in my heart, just like where he'll be for the rest of my life...he is now in a better place and he will never be hurt again..i know that is true but it doesn't help with the fact thats he's many people knew tim and i know he will always be in our hearts...ride in peace you<3
I remember my confirmation in was one of the last times tim had came down form milton to mississauga to my house. I actually did not know he was coming, i was really happy to see him there it had really meant a lot to me. I rememnber joking around and what not. I wish i could have had more times like that.

Then, there was my grandparents anniversary and all of had gotten together. It was so much fun everyone was sooo happy to be there.  Tim was being his usual happy self pulling jokes, and continued to make everyone laugh like he always did. that was the last time i had saw tim before the accident. this memory, that day, will be kept with me forever.

i just thought i would share this...
Cheryl Mills and family

Timmy, this is a poem that reflects how we all feel, especially your family.

Broken Chain

We couldn't have known that morning,

God was going to call your name.

In life we loved you dearly,

In death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you,

But you did not go alone.

For parts of us went with you,

The day God called you home.

You left us with peaceful memories,

And your love is still our guide.

And though we can not see you,

We feel you always by our side.

Our family chain is broken,

And nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us, one by one

the chain

will link


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